Tudor spices display MAF Apple Day 2017

Cookery Demonstrations

We offer live cookery demonstrations, over an open fire or without a source of heat*, using replica utensils, period accurate ingredients and historical recipes (when possible).
All our displays are done in historical outfits! 

* Though this impacts on the type and variety of the recipes and techniques demonstrated, it is possible! Butter making is a very popular example that doesn't require any source of heat. 

Depending on what the event organiser prefers us to display we can focus on specific foodstuffs, utensils, techniques or recipes (for example by using replica items copied from the collections on site).

Public interraction and accuracy are our priorities.

We make sure we adapt our talks to every visitor: young children, school groups, families, individuals, professionals, special needs & carers groups... So always feel free to have a chat with us to find how our displays can be tailored to your events and own ideas! 

We can present the following eras:  


Iron Age (our specialty!)



Saxon / Viking

Tudor / 17th century

Though if you are interested in another time period... 
Just contact us to discuss your project! 


Food displays

If having an open fire on site is not possible or if a more developped and varied food display sounds more interesting to you, a personalised Food Display might be what you are looking for. We also present replica items, foodstuffs and utensils as well as the whole dishes. 

The food to be displayed will be brought, plated up and decorated on site before being presented. As everything is prepared in advance the display can present a larger selection a different historical dishes instead of a selected few. 

The food is NOT to be consumed by the public or staff!

The sensitive experience is about looking, smelling and sometimes handling some ingredients (have a look at our ''Catering'' section). 

We can present the same eras as for the Cookery Demonstrations (from Prehistory up to Tudor / 17th century**). 

** If you are interested in another period of History or a specific food display, please get in touch with us! 

Hands-on activities

A hands-on activity can most often be added to a display, talk or demonstration to create a complete, ''senses-activating'', fun and memorable experience...
for both children AND adults!  


One of our main philosophies is that any kind of activity, anywhere, should be targetting not just children but everyone. We experienced ourselves too often the dissapoinment of finding out that an educational activity is reserved to a certain age range. Anyone willing to play and learn will be allowed to on our displays!  

Always discuss with us the possibilities of having a hands-on acitivity tailored to your site, your collections or your event. We love creating new displays and activities, so don't hesitate to ask us to be imaginative! 

Examples of activities we offer:  

Tudor / 17th century:

Tudor Gingerbread 

Pomanders and sweet bags


''Moretum'' (spiced cheese) making 

Roman spice mix 

Roman sauce

Iron Age

Butter making 

Bread making

Celtic herbs pouch


From the dig to your plate 
Study pollens, seeds, bones, etc to understand how and what archaeologists can learn from a dig and how we use these information to recreate food and cooking techniques)

Pots stories

Looking at pottery fragments, try to put them back together to figure out what type / number of pots you found and what information it gives us about food, cooking and daily life!