Ideal for museums, historical sites, renactments / living history events... who would like to offer their public a surprising and unusual multi-sensory experience! 

  • ''Roman cuisine and its impact on the Native British menu: Romano-British food after the conquest'' 

Comparison between the basics of Roman and Britonic cuisines and the cooking utensils. (Apothermum (sweet semolina-pudding), patina of pears, various breads, sweet or savoury oat cakes, selection ofcooked meats...)

  • ''2017 BC - 2017 AD: Did British food really change in 4,000 years?'' 

A lot of our modern typical British dishes actually never changed since Prehistory. Even better, some of the ''new'' fashionable foodstuffs used by chefs and trendy restaurants were already used... 2,000 years ago! Of course British food and cuisine changed a lot through History, with spices, ingredients and techniques discovered or invented... From flapjacks to roasts and stews, you will discover that British cuisine has a very -very- long tradition.