The Ancient Technology Centre (Cranborne, Dorset)

National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon | National Museum Wales

A fantastic archaeological museum with gardens, a short walk away from the remains of the Bath house, the amphitheatre and the barracks. 

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust - Mary Arden's Farm, Hall's Croft, the Birthplace, Anne Hathaway's Cottage, New Place.

Chalke Valley History Festival

The Scottish Crannog Centre

On Loch Tey, Scottland, a beautiful little gem of living history and ancient crafts with a fantastic list of events throughout the year! 
EXARC member. 

Breaking Ground Heritage

Viral History

The Oak House Museum

A stunning 17th century manor house with many replicas and displays to make you feel like you are visiting it when it was inhabited! Brilliant gardens and park too. 

Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch

A lovely little museum with a park and a lot of activities in line with a different exhibition each year. 

Hoghton Tower

Big Beynon's Blacksmithing

Professional blacksmith creating replicas of historical items, specialised in recreating cooking and eating knives. Thomas also offers historical blacksmithing displays to museums, festivals,  events and heritage sites. ( 

AWD Photography - Andrew Chorley

The Vicus - Romans and Britons Living History group

... Why not YOU?

We are always looking for more sites / people / organisations / museums / schools ... to work with.  

You have a specific project you would like us to take part in? 

You feel that one of your events would be right for Pario Gallico? 

You would like us to provide historical or historically inspired food for an event of yours? 

Do not hesitate to contact us, for any enquiries, for bookings or just for a chat... we are looking forward to hear from you! 

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