Pario Gallico offers Historical Cookery Workshops  
       themed around different periods of History.        


We can tailor them to a specific site, era or domain of interest like bread / baking, herbs and spices or cooking following the seasons. We can also use and present replica items displayed in your museum and use foodstuffs of which remains have been discovered on site!

- Iron Age (250BC - 1st AD)

- Romano-British

- Early Saxon (5th-6th c.)

- Tudor / 16th c.

We are also developping: 

- Bronze Age

- Roman

(ask us about these!)


- A short presentation of the concept of Historical Food, hygiene and safety points (modern and ancient ones), fire safety and the equipment used on the day. 


- Using as many replica utensils as possible (pots, cauldrons, knives, cutlery, etc.) and foodstuffs available at the time we will prepare and cook a meal that will be shared amongst the participants*  for lunch.

We usually have two different mains and a dessert, for example: pork and ramsons stew, vegetable frumenty with cheese or lentils and herbs casserole, with honey cream, stewed apples and berries, roasted fruits and sweet bread...

Whilst it is bubbling away we can have a chat about anything the participants would like to know and experiment with historical snacks: making butter by hand, using the buttermilk into flat or raised breads, creating oatcakes and biscuits, cooking eggs / fruits / vegetables in the embers...  or else! 

* We will adapt the menu to any allergies, dietary requirements and personal tastes as much as possible, contact us if you worry about it. 

- Degustation / meal: we will cook all morning, this will be a well deserved reward (takeaway option available).

- Washing the dishes the historical way! 

- Break from History (tea, coffee, squash, biscuits and/or cakes provided. Every participant is welcome to bring their own creations as well!), questions and hot drinks around the fire, visit of the site/reconstructed houses and end of the day if possible. 

If there is time:

- Chat about what we really know on the historical food matter and how, what sources are used, what are the limits of historical food "re-creation"

- Lighting a fire with flint and steel.  



Usually 10am til 4pm. Times might vary from a course to another. 

Restrictions and safety:
- ADULTS ONLY (over 16 years old) 


- You HAVE TO wear fireproof clothing: 80-100% cotton, linen, wool (the ugly t-shirt you wanted to throw away, your reenactment kit, cheap jeans from a charity shop... All good)

Leather shoes highly recommended, sturdy and closed ones will do. NO open shoes.

If you have long hair, a head cover is recommended (a scarf / fabric, a Buff®.. we will provide extra head covers when requested). 


-- MINIMUM participants per day: 3 people

-- MAXIMUM participants per day: 10 people

(Contact us for private workshops: maximum number can vary)


These will be different for each workshop (mainly depending on renting fees for sites).
Count about £60-70 / person. 

(Discounted prices available for private and groups workshops)

Sometimes participants are welcome to stay the night on site in modern or reconstructed buildings for an additional fee. 

Bookings and payments:

If you have any questions or would like to book a space on a workshop, please contact us by email, by phone or by private message on our Facebook page. 

(see our ''Contact'' page on this website) 


We will then send you a Booking Form by email to ask some more details about you (dietary restrictions and allergies, what you would like to learn, if you would like to sleep on site or not, contact details ...). The completed Booking Form will have to be sent back to us by email and the payment will have to be made within a week after the confirmation of your booking (please get in touch with us if you have problems with the payment). 


Without both the Booking Form completed and the payment received we cannot confirm your reservation and the space you wanted to book will be offered to the next person who contacted us or who is on the waiting list. 

Iron Age & Saxon

cookery workshops: 

(This is an example of what our usual Historical Cookery workshops are about. Please bear in mind that each workshop will be different and that the programme can be modified depending on the participants' interests, the site, the season, the weather, etc)