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Experiential Archaeology & Living History company
Bringing History and Archaeology to life ... to inspire the future 

Focus:   Iron Age (900 - 50 BCE)   to   Late Tudor (1600's)

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We offer Living History displays, ancient crafts demonstrations and courses based on ancient techniques, all from the Iron Age to the Tudor era / 1600's.  

We want everyone to be able to ''experience archaeology'' and connect with History easily, no matter what their background, knowledge, age, abilities or interests are!
It starts by thorough historical and archaeological research, often quite complex, that we then adapt and share with our various audiences in an interactive, entertaining and accessible way.

Displays and Demonstrations address everyone and engage all the senses  with our period interpreters in historical clothing using replica tools. 

Our Ancient Crafts courses focus on adults' education, though not only,  and are fully hands-on. Perfect for individuals, groups or as staff & volunteers trainings. 

Filming services: contributor, demonstrator, historical advise (set design, clothing, prop making, etc), voice over, historical food catering...

Both our demonstrators, Caroline and Thomas, have worked many years in contact with the public in the cultural sector and have a great sensibility and understanding of public speaking and adaptation to an audience, which enables them to make every visitor feel comfortable, welcome and ... make sure that they are having a great day!  

If you would like to know more about what we can do, ask for a quote
or have a chat with us about your own project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We are a couple-team with a common background of archaeology and history studies, now a professional blacksmith and an experiential archaeology specialist.

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Creator / director / main demonstrator at Pario Gallico

Born in Eastern France, it is after two Masters in Archeology and Heritage management & interpretation in France, that Caroline focused on the idea of living history and the newly recognised ''experiential archaeology'' being fantastic ways to get visitors who might not have an interest in archaeology to connect with this often complex and misunderstood science. 

Passionate about traditional crafts and skills, from cooking to building techniques, she always loved studying and presenting the Iron Age (800 BC - 1st BC/1st AD). After working in various open-air museums and archaeological museums in France, on the German border and in England, she got the opportunity to offer her first Iron Age cooking demonstration at the Ancient Technology Centre, UK, in 2016... and never stopped! Pario Gallico (''gallic cauldron'' in ancient Gaul language) was created. 

Thomas and Caroline met via a living history group, worked together on a Tudor working farm for 5 years while  working aside as a self-employed blacksmith for Thomas and a cook in various kitchens for Caroline... and the rest is history. She likes to say that ''history repeating itself, the maid ended up with the blacksmith. As usual!'' 


Creator / blacksmith at Big Beynon's Blacksmithing
Offers co-displays with Caroline / Pario Gallico

Thomas is a professional blacksmith and cutler / knife-maker running his own company:  Big Beynon's Blacksmithing. He specialises in historical knives replicas and historical blacksmithing demonstrations, but researches and replicates iron age tools for experimental tests ... and everyday use! 
Member of the Heritage Crafts Association as one of the UK's last folding-knife maker, he has studied history before starting his apprenticeship and now also focuses on Iron Age crafts and living history. 

Thomas worked as a blacksmith and labourer on a Tudor working farm (Mary Arden's Farm) near Stratford upon Avon for 9 years, developping many skills and a broad understanding of daily life for working classes thoughout history, as well as a vast experience of public speaking and visitor engagement. 

His creations and more information can be found on his website 

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Bringing History and Archaeology alive for the public's education and enjoyment.

Pario Gallico presents how our ancestors were living and working,
from the Iron Age Celts (800BC-43AD) to the last Tudors (16th-17th century).

Have you ever wondered how people lived in the past? 
What did they eat and how did they cook? What did they wear? How did they do their washing or light their fires? How did they paint their houses and made tools?

We always try to answer these questions -and many more!- as accurately as possible based on the latest archaeological and historical research. To share this wealth of information and make it accessible, relatable and entertaining for every visitor no matter what their age, background, culture or special interest is, we offer interractive living history displays, live ancient crafts demonstrations,
hands-on activities and historical crafts courses.  

From everyday tasks to more specialised crafts and ancient skills (such as: paints and pigments making, historic cooking, blacksmithing), we offer a selection of themed displays and demonstrations suitable for museums, heritage sites, festivals, education centres, private events ... or your own project! 

We can tailor our displays to your needs and cover a wide range of time periods, even if we specialise in Iron Age (2nd BC - 1st AD) and Tudor (late 16th-17th century). 
Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about what we can bring to your event!

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Past events, courses, displays and recipes

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Based in Perthshire ( southern Scotland), Pario Gallico travels all around the UK and Europe for events and projects.

Any questions, projects or enquiries?
Send us an email or give us a call!

(+44) 07513 730963

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Medieval food display (Oxford Castle, photo Events From History, 25_edited_edited.jpg

Visitors' and courses participants, 2017-2019

''This is fascinating. The pots you're using are just stunning, it's like the ones we see in museums'' 
Iron Age living history weekend, Wimpole Hall - National Trust 

''Gabrielle was super. My very young kids really enjoyed their visit and were attentive throughout her great explanation, even the 3 year old, of the spices and pies.''
Tudor Christmas display at The Birthplace - Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

''I can't believe we actually cooked a whole meal over a fire... and it is delicious!
My mom will never believe me... ''  
Iron Age cooking course at the Berrycroft Hub (ancient crafts courses hub)

''I made a Roman cheese with honey and bashed herbs in a bowl. It was tasty. Thank you to the roman lady''
Roman food & cheese making activity at Caerleon, National Roman Army Museum - Wales

''This is crazy! ... you can't make butter that fast. You have something on your hands, don't you? Is it a trick? No, really?! It's that simple and we just don't know about it?! This is the best kitchen trick I have ever seen'' 
Medieval food & cooking display at Oxford Castle Quarter

''Had a great time chatting with Caroline about ancient paints. She made a feather paintbrush for my daughter and gave her some pigment, so we came back the next day as my daughter made a drawing with the paint for her. So sweet!''
Iron Age paints & pigments display at Milton Keynes museum's festival

''I think I learnt more in 30 minutes listening to you than I did during the whole of my history lessons. That's how kids should learn about History!''
Iron Age living history at Chalke Valley History Festival

''Really enjoyed meeting Pario Gallico - we found her easy to listen to and she spoke at all levels, infant to adult speech and different cultures. We hope to see her next year?''
Tudor gingerbread making at Mary Arden's Farm - Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

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