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Interactive displays with special activities for the public to take part in

Depending on the time period you are interested in, the type of site and event requesting a display, your own ideas and program... we can offer tailored hands-on activities that might not be advertised on our website yet. 

Activities can be timed and happen several times per day, or set up as a permanent activity space for the day.


Tudor gingerbread making

Tudor / Medieval pomander (bag of scented spices & herbs to protect from plagues)

Tudor / medieval spice bag to make hypocras at home (spiced wine or fruit juice)

Make your own Roman sauce (or flavoured fresh cheese) 

Iron Age ''stew bag'' to cook at home

Ancient Artists (crush pigments and test out natural paintbrushes to colour in pre-dawn designs or take part in a communal painted-panel) 

Make your own ancient / prehistoric paintbrushes


But if you have a specific ideas, theme or item to highlight, don't hesitate to contact us for a chat and find out what we can offer! 

Hands-on activities: Service
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