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For now we offer regularly two kind of courses:
Iron Age Cooking
Ancient Paints & Pigments 
Another half-day course is in the making: Historical Bronze & Silver wire jewellery. (contact us for more info)

These are suitable for adults (over 18yo), individually or as a group.

Bookings for private groups or for staff and volunteers training are possible: contact us for more information! 

If you are interested in another one of our crafts / activities / displays and would like us to turn it into a tailored workshop for your group or yourself... if you are looking for a family and children friendly workshop, please get in touch!

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Calendar of Courses 2023:


24-25 Feb. - Neolithic cooking.

*PRIVATE BOOKING* (Stonehenge Volunteers'team)

26 Feb. - Ancient Paints & Pigments.

At the Ancient Technology Centre (Cranborne, Dorset, UK. BH21 5RP). 


3 Mar. - Iron Age Cooking. *PRIVATE BOOKING* (Chiltern Open Air Museum staff & volunteers)

4 Mar. - Ancient Paints. *PRIVATE BOOKING* (Chiltern Open Air Museum staff & volunteers)


22 Apr. - Iron Age cooking. at Butser Ancient Farm (Chalton, Hampshire, UK. PO8 0BG)

£95/pers. 8 places. 10 till 3:30.


Button below or: 

23 Apr. - Ancient Paints & pigment-making, at Butser Ancient Farm (Chalton, Hampshire, UK. PO8 0BG)

£80/pers. 8 places. 10 till 3:30.


Button below or:


TBC - Iron Age to Pictish cooking. Amulree area, Scotland. With Pictavia Leather

Courses and workshops: Text

Ancient Paints &(mineral) Pigments workshop

We always hear about cave paintings and roman frescoes.. but very little about what was being painted in between. Prehistory wasn't a grey-brown-greem world at all, and modern archaeology started to prove it! With a focus on Iron Age painted walls and objects, this course explores the tools and techniques used many thousands of years ago to turn colourful minerals into paints: be it artistic expressions or simple decorations on everyday items. 

Though the techniques, materials, tools and principles apply to every period of history (cave paintings, Bronze and Iron Age wallpaintings, Roman portraits, manuscripts illuminations, shields decorations, church paintings and wall hangings.. ) our interest is also to educate and inspire 21st century artists, nature and colour lovers, living historians and archaeologists, traditional and sustainable building makers and ... everyone else! 

After a short introduction to the world of the archaeology of paints, with a focus on prehistoric finds of colour from North Western Europe, the participants will discover how to extract pure pigments from various locally foraged minerals and make 3 different colours from a choice of rocks, sands or earths. 

We will then make various paintbrushes from natural materials, from examples presented on display to complete creations from each pupil, and explore different mixers / binders for paints that would have been available in Britain at least 2,000 years ago ... and that are still used nowadays! 

All is based on ancient / historical and natural techniques and tools, archaeological finds and basic principles: you do not need any prior experience in either archaeology or arts

8 participants maximum 

10am-4pm (depending on sites)
All materials provided. 

Any ALLERGIES or specific diets, please let us know in advance!
(eggs, dairy, wheat, animal products etc will be used). 

Please, bring:

- your own lunch,

- your own water container and cup / hot drink container

- a notebook can be useful

- feel free to bring an apron if you want to! 
Please, bring your own mask in case of Covid19 emergency. 

Courses and workshops: Text
IronAge Greystones 18.05.2019 (Photo Shashika Poopalasingham)9.jpg

Iron Age Cooking course

Ever wondered what did people eat and how they cooked more than 2,000 years ago? 

On this workshop participants will learn to manage, use efficiently and maintain a cooking fire (which sounds simple, but is often misunderstood!). The aim of the workshop is to experience first hand Iron Age cooking techniques using a selection of replica utensils such as clay pots and iron knives, copied on archaeological finds, and a cooking stone. 

We will cook a communal lunch using these replica utensils and seasonal ingredients available in Britain during the Iron Age.

The menu will include -depending on allergies and diets for each course- a meat and a vegetarian dish, a dessert chosen by the participants on the day and a selection of creations to be enjoyed around the fire or taken home such as flavoured flat breads, fresh cheese, handmade butter, etc... and potentially more, depending on time and individual interests!

There will be time to chat with Caroline throughout day to answer any specific questions you may have about Iron Age life, archaeology, cooking, etc. all in a relaxed atmosphere.

8 participants maximum 

All materials provided. 


Any allergies, dietary requirements or strong dislikes?

Please let us know at least TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE COURSE. Absolutely everybody is welcome, but we need a bit of time to adapt our ingredients to suit everyone!

Please, bring: 

- your own water bottle, cup / hot drink vessel,

- a couple of containers / tupperwares to take your creations home

- a notepad can be useful 

- an apron if you feel like you might need one!  
- your own mask, in case of Covid19 emergency. 

Courses and workshops: Text

Iron Age Cooking courses 2022:

**special event: One Night in the Iron Age - sleep overnight in a roundhouse, enjoy a historical meal and some storytelling at Butser Ancient Farm. Bookings on their website**

Courses and workshops: Text

Courses Terms & Conditions


Please DO NOT attend the courses if you or anyone in your family have any COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive recently!  

You will get a full refund (providing that you can prove the positive testing).

Any questions, contact us. 

If you attend the course and present Covid-19 symptoms as described by the UK Government, which leads the tutor / Caroline to believe that you might carry the virus OR if you tested positive for Covid-19 and still decided to attend the course, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately, no teaching will be provided and you will not be refunded. 

(We take Covid-19 very seriously and will not tolerate such misconduct. Being self-employed, neither Thomas nor Caroline or any hosts can afford to risk their health, let alone the health of all the other participants.) 


In case of cancellation for any reason by Pario Gallico, you will be fully refunded. 

If a site cancels the course, they will need to pay a cancellation fee to Pario Gallico and your full refund should be covered. 

If you booked a place but would like to cancel it, you can be refunded fully or partly as follow:

- Up to one month before the workshop: full refund. 

- Up to 2 weeks before the workshop: half refund. 

- Less than 2 weeks before the workshop: no refunds.


if someone can take your place (someone from a waiting list, if we have one, or a friend of yours) OR if you have a very specific and serious reason not to attend and can prove it (death or event in the family, accident, uncapacitating illness (especially if experiencing vomiting and/or diarrhea before a cooking course) the full price can be refunded.

You also can give your place to a friend or family member and let us know who will attend instead of you! 

Contact us in any case as soon as possible and we will do our best to help. 

Courses and workshops: Text
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